Friggin’ Lasers!

Normally, this is something I’d share on Facebook, but since I’ve gotta keep this blog going, I may as well share it here.


Remember when were kids and we used to dream about the future, particularly for the weaponry? Who hasn’t visualized themselves wielding a shiny titanium rifle capable of dispensing red-hot shiny death? Well, we’re not too far off from that: the US Navy just test-fired a laser cannon on a drone in the Persian Gulf and, lo and behold, t’was an utter success. 

Now I know what you’re thinking: that’s gonna piss of the Iranians, what with test-firing futuristic weapons and tilting the scales in the favor of the Great Satan, but so far I haven’t seen any comment from either side on the fence on the matter.

My opinion: I think we’re headed in the right direction technology-wise, especially since American defense spending is about to take some much-needed cuts; plus lasers provide a more efficient alternative to filling the air with hot lead (don’t get me wrong, that’s always fun to do). But I guess it’d be nice to see this being tested outside of the military industry complex’s jurisdiction, frankly because the MIC scares the living hell out of me.

If anybody has articles related lasers being tested in a civilian environment, feel free to remind me in the comments or on Facebook.

Y’all take care now.



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2 Responses to Friggin’ Lasers!

  1. Emanuel Ghattas says:

    Interesting point you make… I do agree with the fantasy that children have of wielding weapons of immeasurable and imaginative power. However I do have a question. What about children who dream of power in a non-physical sense? As in power in the form of immortality, knowledge, and vision, etc. I’d definitely like to hear you view on those as well! Well done, keep up the great writing.

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