Introducing: Sappy Hour

Hey, folks. This post is gonna be an introduction to a segment you’ll be seeing now and again that, as you can probably tell (unless you have the attention span of 3 year-old, in which case it’s a miracle you’ve gotten this far into the post) is called “Sappy Hour” (yes, I do think it’s a clever play on words). This segment’s gonna be devoted to those sudden bursts of nostalgia or contemplation that arise at random as they are wont to do. At this point I’m not in such a mood, but you’ll know when I am. ‘Til then, I’m just gonna go back to clanking away on my guitar trying to make something out of that, kinda like  monkeys on typewriters.

Y’all take care now


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One Response to Introducing: Sappy Hour

  1. appleseed says:

    Mabrouk! Stick to it you’ll make a good blogger.

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