I wrote this for my creative writing class a couple months back. Let me know what you think!

The ink-black skies that mark our evening strolls
match your dress. The stories you tell-sometimes spoken,
 sometimes not-always magnificent, keep pushing me forward unto dawn.

Your voice enthralls me and all others who happen upon it,
each note uttered seductively, wafting over me,
drawing me deeper and deeper into your embrace: an embrace so pure
and warm that no being, mortal or not, would ever wish to escape.

Where mortal embraces and oaths have failed to appease,
you alone prevailed.
Where others fail to stir me forward,
you alone succeed.

Yet I feel dismayed and gloomy at the thought of you,
for I have not repaid your affection in full;
At times I am ashamed to associate myself with you
after receiving so much from you and returning very little,
this stemming from my own listlessness and lack of will.

But know, sweet Aodie, that you have done me no harm,
and that the day will come when all dues will be paid
and the fruit of our labors will be finally sown.


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