The Aesir March Once More to Vigrid

It’s been two years since their last studio effort, but our favorite troupe of viking minstrels, Amon-motherf*cking-Amarth, have once again stormed the halls of Asgard to please the gods with their latest skull-crushing, flesh-searing auditory sacrifice, “Deceiver of the Gods”! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Norse mythology (and they called the vikings uncultured barbarians), the album’s title refers to Loki Laufeysson, the single most annoying little twat in the history of any mythology that I’m aware of. You see, Loki-despite being the son of giants, or jotnar in Norse mythology-somehow counts as one of the Aesirthe Nordic pantheon.

And Loki’s a f*cking prick.

All he does is cause trouble and seldom does anything good come out of what he does. Well, except for the time that the gods….bah! I’ll just link you to the Wikipedia article.

Aaaaanywho, “Deceiver of the Gods” will be Amon Amarth’s ninth studio album and it’s slated for release sometime in June of this year. Their last effort, “Surtr Rising”, was pretty good, but dropped off in quality somewhere towards the middle from “By Gungnir (Odin’s spear)! This makes me want to usher in the Twilight of the Gods!” to “Eeeeeeeeh, maybe not”. Now, I personally am not that content with the album art despite other people saying that it’s the most epic damned thing they’ve seen in a while, but the title track sounds quite promising. I’m not going to get my hopes up on this one but if it turns out to be as every bit as epic as “With Odin on Our Side” and “Twilight of the Thunder God”, then we’ve found of our album of the summer! Oh yeah, the album will be mixed and produced by Andy Sneap (who’s previously worked with Nevermore, Megadeth, Arch Enemy, to name a few) and will feature Messiah Marcolin of Candlemass fame making an appearance on one of the tracks! Truly the gods want this album to work!

Expect Amon Amarth to be blasting tunes from this record on their summer tour (which I probably won’t be able to attend 😥 ). Until then,

Y’all take care now.

Sources: “Deceiver of the Gods” in HD (Fuck Loki, but if you’re curious)

P.S.: Read the Eddas! The Prose and Poetic Eddas are the foremost texts on Norse mythology and are a must-read for anyone interested in the subject.


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