Sappy Hour: Episode 2

Yes, folks! It’s time once again for another installment of Sappy Hour! So break out the glasses and bring your friends! 

Where do we draw the line with satisfaction? What compels us to keep chasing after things such as happiness, love, success, and wealth? Will we eventually gaze upon the majesty of our efforts with warm satisfaction, or are we-as Goethe once put it-playing the game we can never win? 

I’ve been asking myself these questions and more for as long as my hippocampus allows (probably not that far back, but you get my point) and despite being older, I’m still none the wiser. Despite all the books and articles I’ve read, the intense and mind-bending conversations I’ve had, the legions of friends I’ve amassed over the past four years, and the somewhat spectacular experiences I’ve had, I still want more.

And I’m still going to want more. Twenty years from now I’m still going to be asking myself the same questions I’m asking myself now: have I seen enough of the world, or is there more to see? Will my legion of friends suffice me and consistently bring me solace, or like Faust do I need my own Gretchen to always stand at my side and serve among my personal vanguard?  Is the knowledge I possess sufficient at this current stage, or are there many stones still left unturned?

It’s safe to say that I can take comfort in knowing that I’m not alone on this venture, but that still won’t cut it-I’m still human, and as such I’ll still have an anthropocentric and egocentric view of things that’ll keep me looking at things from a certain angle, but hey! That’s where getting out there and maturing with age and experience come in: there will come a time in which we will break past these barriers and become better people or some optimistic shit like that.

I seem to have a thing for writing these sections late at night after long days. Before closing this entry I’d just like to say that I hope anyone reading this in Boston is safe and that those responsible should be flayed alive and fed to rats for as cowardly and heinous an act as that of today’s attack on the Boston Marathon. So to my readers in Boston,

Y’all take care now, and stay safe


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