Here We Go Again

Another bomb attack hits the United States and people are scurrying for a scapegoat. It’s gotten old, but it isn’t surprising.

Most of you would have seen the volume of Twitter and Facebook posts that were made in light of the recent Boston Marathon bombing, in which my fellow patriots (I use this term very loosely here) are riled up and calling for the blood of the evil Ay-rabs and Chinamen to be spilled for bruising their red, white and blue ego.

But haven’t you considered that maybe the big bad GOVERNMENT might be behind this attack?

Oh wait, world-renowned political expert and clairvoyant Alex Jones already did.

The point of this quickie is that old habits die hard, and as long as there’s something to scare people, they’re gonna pipe up and say some really stupid shit, in addition to knee-jerk reactions; as messed up as it is, history has shown time and time again that such reactions are natural. Just after the attack a Saudi national-who was hospitalized, mind you-was being investigated-no, racially profiled. Are we really twelve years past 9/11, or did we just meet her equally-ugly cousin who might just be her twin?

To close: it would be very easy for me to say that we should deny most people access to the internet, but even when I become dictator I’d still allow freedom of speech along the lines of Frederick II.

Anyway, gotta run to class.

Y’all take care now.

Sources: (#5 is my favorite)


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