Smoke…Meds Erryday?

We’ve all heard of doctors and other medical personnel sneaking into hospital stores to clandestinely score morphine. Honestly, part of me doesn’t blame them: being in their line of work is surely enough to make you old, and sometimes you gotta find a release, no matter how questionable it is. But that doesn’t make it justifiable. As someone who’s been administered morphine (try having your knee ripped out of its socket and tell me that it’s just a tingle), I can tell you first-hand that it does mess you up, but it does kill the pain. Hence my stance against doctors’ scoring of morphine…

And apparently it doesn’t end with morphine.

Recently it’s been found that people have been abusing HIV medications for the same reason- to get high. INSANELY high. The drug used to treat HIV, Efavirenz (tradenames: Sustiva®, Stocrin®), is very effective in stemming the reproduction process of the virus before it develops into AIDS. But since it’s a “magic” pill that’s actually the result of boatloads of experiments somewhere in a spotless lab, it’s also rife with nasty side effects. These are largely neuropsychiatric in nature and include depression, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, and aggressive behavior; hence, the point about abusers getting “insanely” high.

Unfortunately, the article cited doesn’t really go into details regarding the prevalence of this abuse, but it is mentioned that this is mostly practiced in South Africa, with abusers crushing pills and smoking the residue. Now, the side effects are already present and debilitating as it is in regular doses, but imagine smoking that shit and getting so sickeningly high you just want to rip your brain out of your skull so you can peel it in two from the main hemispheric fissure, whose name escapes me at this (late) hour. And if you survive that, woe betide you for what’s to come.

Like I said earlier, I’m very much against medicinal drugs being used for recreational purposes-it deprives the patient of much-needed care and it (probably) does more harm to the abuser than recreational drugs themselves (except for maybe crystal meth or *shudders* Krokodil). Suppliers and health workers should start taking more and more action to prevent these abuses from taking place, or at the very least increasing in prevalence. If you want a solution out of me, well, it’s 2:02 AM over here and I need some shut-eye to start brainstorming a decent one. If anybody else has an idea or two, post it in the comments and we’ll discuss it and more (over tea, if you happen to be in Beirut). Until then,

Y’all take care now

Sources: (For info on Krokodil)


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