So What Else Happened in 1915?

Today (or yesterday, rather) marks the (ever-so morbid) 98th anniversary of the 1915 Armenian Genocide carried out by elements of the Ottoman military, in which millions were slaughtered on a long and merciless march that stretched from the eastern part of the Ottoman Empire to about Jordan. It was one of the biggest suckfests of the century. But there’s also the consistently overlooked event that occurred in tandem with this bloodbath: The Assyrian Genocide.

Between 270,000-750,000 Assyrian/Syriac Christians in the Ottoman Empire were butchered in Diyarbekir, Mardin, and other Christian villages of the time-the incident at Khoi, Iran being one of the nastiest incidents of it all-due to some syphilis-induced psychosis that collectively gripped the assholes behind the massacres. I forgot the reasons behind the whole thing, but I know this for a fact: this was a textbook example of ethnic cleansing; no matter what word you use to describe it, people were being straight-up exterminated with no quarter.

Now this isn’t to say that all Turks are bloodthirsty, Christian-hating fiends-I made a bunch of friends with the indigenous population on my visit to Turkey and I do hope to see them again. Naturally, I didn’t get into this issue with them, nor do I think I ever will lest the conversation deteriorate into an exchange of insults and fists. Nor is this an attempt to callously tell my Armenian friends to get the f*ck over themselves and move on-true, they did bear the brunt of casualties that horrid year, but they weren’t alone in this clusterf*ck of limbs, blades, and bullets.

The point of this article, again, isn’t to bash Turks for the bloodbath their great-grandparents were somehow involved in, nor is to call Armenians a bunch of immature and selfish brats. Rather, I’m writing this to commemorate the hundreds of thousands of Assyrians killed alongside the other victims of the genocide, and to try and somehow get more and more people to stop overlooking this hideous little detail when the keywords “1915” and “genocide” are brought to mind.




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