The Obama Biopic is Finally Upon Us…And None Too Soon!

I was lurking on Reddit, as is my custom when there’s nothing else to do, when I stumbled upon this little piece of work:

Behold, Steven Spielberg’s “Obama”, starring Daniel Day Lewis as the current POTUS alongside comedy legend Tracy Morgan as Vice-President Joe Biden!

Yes, I’m aware that this is satirical, but it’s just so well done that it deserves an award all its own: President Obama’s bizarre portrayal of himself “via” Daniel Day-Lewis is just brilliant, and while I personally dislike him as a president, I will admit that the man does have a sense of humor. I sincerely hope that he goes into satire after this term.

If only he’d just drop the hammer on those other clowns in the senate-the unfunny ones…maybe he’d be able to do more than parody himself and give us a chuckle….

Oh well. Before I get carried away,

Y’all take care now



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