Propaganda’s interesting. I could sit and browse over posters and rhetoric for hours and never get bored of the stuff, especially the former, chock-full of exaggerated visuals and amygdala-jarring, fear-inducing messages. One of the things I really like about propaganda is that it drives a wedge deep between the ground truth and the twisted reality before you.

Some of my favorite propaganda comes from Russia, no surprise at all for those who know me. Today’s discovery was something new to me: White Army propaganda posters from the 1917 October Revolution. For those of you who don’t know, the White Army was a nationalistic movement that combated the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution and Civil war that followed. A fresh change from the plethora of Communist-themed posters we’re used to seeing when Russia’s brought up. Not only does this offer a new perspective on that epoch, but aside from the disparity between realities I mentioned, it also shows just how much the Russian language has evolved from that time ’til present, mostly in terms of its orthography (script/written language).

I’m not that interested in social psychology despite its practicality, but I’m still very interested in the subject of propaganda and its effects and am most probably going to write more on the matter-hell, I might just study the neurological and cognitive bases behind our reactions to propaganda. Until that day comes,

Y’all take care.



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