The New Order is Upon Us (And no, this isn’t a Testament reference)

The current repertoire of first person shooters is saturated with modern-day and sci-fi shooters, with many, myself included, saying that there’re too damn many of them. While I do enjoy Halo, Battlefield, and other like titles, I honestly think it’s time for a change in scenery. Preferably a more historic setting.

Enter Wolfenstein: The New Order. The successor to 2009’s “Wolfenstein”, this time developped by Machine Games and to be published by Bethesda Softworks (no surprise ever since they merged with id software, the original developers of the Wolfenstein series). This installment will still have you pumping Nazi soldiers full of hot-leaded goodness, but this time the odds are stacked drastically against you.

Ever had discussions on history’s what-ifs? If so, how often you visited the topic of the Axis powers crushing the Allies and grinding them underfoot? Well, “The New Order” is taking the ambitious step of answering that question in two of many ways: setting the world ablaze (even Lady Liberty isn’t spared) and giant, mean-looking battlemechs (f*cking battlemechs!) are part of that answer. From what the teaser trailer suggests, you are part of some underground resistance and, as these kinds of stories usually go, the last hope for all things good like freedom, apple pie, and such and such (let’s face it, the gruff American voice was a very subtle indicator of that).

What really has me curious about this game isn’t its theme and setting, but rather that it isn’t being worked on by id software as is customary. MachineGames, as I said, will be overseeing production on “The New Order”. This company consists of the founding members of Starbreeze Studios, who have graced us with titles such as “The Darkness” and “Chronicles of Riddick”. While I haven’t played either of these games, I’ve heard really good things about them, so the final product might be interesting as far as the series goes. As always, I’m not gonna get my hopes up. The release date is still yet to be announced, but “Wolfenstein” is slated for release on the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, along with the upcoming wave of next-gen consoles to be released later this year.

So yeah, we get to kill Nazis again but this time it’s past 1945 and they have mean and scary robots. But have no fear! We beat the Nazis once (*coughmuricafuckyeahcough*) and we’ll do it again, giant robots be damned! Oh, and Jimi Hendrix will apparently be providing the awesome Nazi-killing soundtrack that’ll guide the player’s foot up Hitler’s ass. Before my sudden love ‘Murrica takes a full hold of me,

Y’all take care now



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