Batman’s Looking Darker than Usual

So I just finished watching the trailer for the new Batman Game, “Arkham Origins”, and it’s f*cking sick. The visuals for this one were astounding to say the least, and the the story looks to be more and more interesting than the previous installments with the inclusion of Deathstroke and Black Mask. I’ve only finished “Arkham Asylum”, the first game in the series, and enjoyed it thoroughly, but this looks to be grimmer and more engaging than either “Asylum” or its sequel, “Arkham City” (which I have yet to finish).

One thing that got me thinking was Batman’s new-found sense of brutality: he begins his streak of ass-kicking by straight-up ramming one of Black Mask’s henchmen headfirst into a circuit breaker, followed by dragging another into the floor, and choking the third and finishing him off with a nasty-looking headbutt, presumably killing the poor dumb bastard. As if that isn’t enough, he leaves them to…just watch the trailer and get yer asses handed to you by motherf*cking BATMAN.

Y’all take care now.


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3 Responses to Batman’s Looking Darker than Usual

  1. jad says:

    It’s a prequel actually the coming one. I don’t think he will kill :p since the game dates back to when batman began his work

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