University Professor Accused of Raping Student (?)

World-renowned author and professor of literature, Rashid al-Daif, stands accused of continuously raping one of his students over a period of four years. This began while he was 62 and she 19, the details of this (whatever could be mustered) to be found in the article below.

It’s rather sad to see  such a prominent author and respected teacher, who’s been translated into  multiple languages and been compared to the likes of Umberto Eco, stooping to so low a level and commit so heinous a deed, but the source article mentions that this story popped up from a random user on Facebook, which strikes me as rather dubious. That and privacy’s sanctity being next-to-nonexistent in a place like Beirut; almost anything that goes on here is bound to end up in everyone’s ears through the grapevine.

This isn’t to say that this is a flat-out fabrication, but do keep this in mind: there are two sides to the coin we call the truth, and until we figure out what side it lands on, we shouldn’t rush to make kneejerk assumptions and make total jackasses out of ourselves by pointing fingers, shouting slogans and so soon.

So until things fully come to light, sit tight and just wait for things to reveal themselves. That said,

Y’all take care now.


Update: Rachid al-Daif responds to the allegations:


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3 Responses to University Professor Accused of Raping Student (?)

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  2. Najwa says:

    Rape cases arouse our compassion when the facts are published. Giving credibility to any accusation has to be based on our interpretation of the presented facts, which in this case fail to convince me beyond any reasonable doubt. The allegated events could not have taken place in a society such as Beirut where individuals cannot hide from the watchful eye of their family and neighbours.
    How did a young and unmarried girl manage to spend so many nights away without the knowledge of her family ?
    How did she manage not to be seen by anyone ?
    Why didn’t her friends and the fellow students notice any distress signs during this long period ?
    The arguments presented are difficult to accept, thus in my view, challenge the sincerity of the statements.
    Rape is a serious crime against women and should not go unpunished. Crying rape for the sake of attracting attention does not in any way assist women who have to follow the judicial path in order to achieve justice. Unfounded character assassination on the web is a modern version of mental rape and should not go unchallenged.

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