Five Rules for Concealed Carry

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Five Rules for Concealed Carry

I believe in the right of every law-abiding citizen to protect themselves, with a handgun if they should choose to.  Carrying a handgun brings with it a great amount of responsibility.  If you decide to carry, please train with a qualified instructor, and practice…Image

1. Your concealed handgun is for protection of life only.

Draw it solely in preparation to protect yourself or an innocent third party from the wrongful life-threatening criminal actions of another.

2. Know exactly when you can use your gun.

A criminal adversary must have, or reasonably appear to have:

  • ABILITY to inflict serious serious bodily injury (he is armed or reasonably appears to be armed with a deadly weapon; you face multiple unarmed attackers; an unarmed attacker has an obvious, substantial in physical ability and/or skill,
  • OPPORTUNITY to inflict serious bodily harm (he is physically positioned to immediately harm you) and
  • INTENT (hostile actions and/or…

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