A Return to Isolation

It’s been a while since I shared any poetry. Here’s something I just wrote up. Feedback always welcome!

I’ve returned now,
back to the land I’m made to call home.
It doesn’t feel like home, though,
and never really did.
Yet here I am, temporarily confined to my nest once more.

Today marks my return
to the place of clouded minds
and cloistered hours,
where time slouches on by
with drooped shoulders and a heart laden with boredom.

Tomorrow becomes yesterday in this place,
as boredom and routine, like a virus,
infect the industrious
and reduce them to sloven shells of their former selves,
and thus become as nefarious as hunger and frustration.

Time slumbers silently here in this place;
nothing ever changes,
and nothing moves forward.
Thus one lies with time in its listless slumber,
seldom rising, and only to fulfill the most frivolous of needs.

Though indifference and tedium bear down upon me,
as hounds when on the hunt,
I shall continue my journey with vigor and haste,
and should time continue to drowse,
I will wake it and continue my quest, even if anew.


About optimistthepessimist

Always in transit.
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