Sappy Hour Episode 3: Graduation Blues

Well tomorrow I will officially end my predictably brief career as an undergraduate and, by extension, my youth. Yep, the recurring theme of growing up has decided once more to rear its ugly head in the form of my blogging, but I got nothing better to write about right now so bear with me.

So everybody’s freaking out and going bananas over graduation tomorrow and how it’s such a big deal-as we speak closets are being rearranged, pre-post-grad parties are being held, goodbyes are being prepared, and stomachs are churning at the mere thought of sweltering underneath the heat for a good three or more hours listening to some old crone droning on and on about some pointless prattle nobody cares about. Myself, I’m not doing any of those, but my stomach is churning because I’m nervous. I am nervous because things are about to get pretty serious from here on out and because my comfort zone’s about to get shattered with the pieces to be scattered like sticks in the wind. Yeah, it’s a tough transition and I’m teetering to the gloomier extreme of the emotional spectrum on the matter.

F*ck that. Graduation’s an important step in our lives and its significance should not be downplayed at all. At the same time, it shouldn’t be overly exaggerated and treated like it’s the end of all your strife with good things to come easily thereafter. Things will get easier and harder at the same time, so complacency’s out of the question. As for my reaction to the whole thing: I’m gonna play it cool, smile, and go with the flow, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna freak out over the matter. To sum this up, tomorrow will be yet another stepping stone on the cobblestone path we call life. I will enjoy the journey, but it’s just another step, no better nor worse than those that preceded it or those that will succeed it.

That felt pretty good. Hopefully I’ll tell y’all how it went. Noam Chomsky’s speaking at the event and I’m pretty excited to see that. Well, see you on the other side of the sandbox.

Y’all take care now


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