A Stroll

Hey, folks, here’s a poem I wrote Sunday afternoon while enjoying some piece and quiet in AUB.The poem’s inspired by three things: Chopin’s Nocturne No. 15 in F minor, Op. 55/1 and the imagery it evokes for me, my many (and already missed) nighttime walks around AUB’s stunning campus, and my predilection for calm over noise, as you will now see. Enjoy! And as always, feedback’s welcome.

A solitary stroll along the cobbled stones
serves as my coveted escape
from the hustle and bustle
of daily life and all the noise that comes with it.

The gentle breeze is a stranger most welcome,
embracing me
and coaxing me forward,
whispering praise into my ear with every step I take.

The moon is my shepherd-
with its soft luminescence it guides my journey
into the intimidating
yet seductive unknown before me.

As my obligations and tribulations 
nag, implore, and beckon me to return, I sigh
and reluctantly heed their calls and pleas.
But a smile flickers across my face-

I know that I’ll return to my cobbled road
and embrace sweet solitude once more.

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