Microsoft to drop Xbox One DRM

Well, ladies and gentlemen, looks like bigwigs do have some decency after all! Microsoft recently announced that they would be removing the online connectivity requirement and other frivolous rage-inducers (my personal favorite being the used disk deterrent) from the Xbox One amid heavy criticism surrounding their average-at-best performance at E3. This looks more to be like a response to Sony’s jab during their section, but it does show that Microsoft does still care about their fanbase and profit margins. However, the price of the console is still a little unsettling at $500. Looks like I’m gonna be getting a PS4 first, but at least now I have less reservations about getting an Xbox One. After all, there’s still Halo 5  and Ryse to be played.

Kudos to all those who complained and raised enough hell for Microsoft to listen as they said they did. Maybe next time they won’t be as clumsy.

Y’all take care now.



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