Some Still Untitled Prose Poetry

Here’s something I wrote at a bar last night in light of the current situation in the region. Enjoy!

The cracks have begun to show. Our protective little bubble has finally popped, and with it comes the grim reality of a massive flood that takes the shape of man-a foreigner in our midst, making himself at home in a land so  distant yet so familiar. Our brothers from another border, of a common ‘scape and history; of common tongues and customs. He is unwelcome in his brother’s home, this owing to the many complications and hardships they’d both endured-of insults offered and blows exchanged; of broken limbs and shattered spirits. Woe is the brother who would shun his own, but woe is he who would batter his brothers. And woe is he whose sole aim is to dominate his brothers.


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