Out of Darkness

Photo credit: halo4nation.com, 343 industries, Microsoft Game Studios

Here’s a poem I just wrote. I got the idea from the Halo 4 soundtrack. It’s a little different from the way I usually write poems but the difference should be cosmetic. Enjoy!

I emerge out of this cave into a world not my own. Yet its owners are nowhere to be found.
The bright, alien sun stares down at me-
a stranger to this desolate abode, unworthy of its secrets.

But it is the towers-those massive steel pylons,
and not the sun’s indignation,
that truly humble me; relics of ages bygone, neglected and buried
in the stars,
never to be marveled by either god or man.

Vast mountains teeming with lush green forests
rise before me as my focus shifts to these silent veterans
who have held silent vigil and have witnessed time play its course on this world.

These mighty hills echo with a strange music
that bears an ominous voice:
they speak to me in rumbles and murmurs; they speak to me of a world hollow and abandoned.

The theme that never varies.”

I blink away the apprehension that has furtively made way across my back-as only a reptile would-
and carry on with my venture into this unfamiliar place:
my form but a dot to these primordial lands;

my silence drowned out by that of the planet.


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