A Farewell to Casts? (And dictators, yet again?)

Alright, ladies and germs, it’s time for a double-feature!

As someone who’s been confined to a cast twice in his life, I can tell you firsthand that it sucks: it’s heavy and cumbersome, and when removed, your limb (in my case my left leg, twice) becomes emaciated and reeks sweat and lack of proper respiration. So when this novelty dubbed Cortex popped up on my newsfeed, I was naturally curious and decided to investigate. What  I saw was something with lots of promise: a skeletal exo-frame that snaps close and comfortably covers the damaged limb but is perforated to allow for washing and ventilation of the limb. That way, your arm or leg won’t be reduced to a smelly twig during the recovery process. And it’s lightweight, allows more maneuverability, and also allows one to properly cover it with their clothes. The best part? It’s 3D printed, which means that it’ll be cheaper and more readily available than what we’ve already got! The way this works is that once the x-ray is taken to determine the damage and such, the limb is 3D scanned to get the exact dimensions of the limb, and then, voila! The cast is generated and ready to use. For more information on this wonderful little thing, visit http://jakevilldesign.dunked.com/cortex and be sure to spread the word on this. There’s a lot of potential in 3D printing and Cortex would be an excellent asset to that cause.

On an unrelated note, the popular protests in Egypt have successfully led to the ousting of formerly incumbent president Mohammad Morsi of Muslim Brotherhood fame. Morsi, as far as I can tell, proved to be quite unpopular with his policies, most of which I can’t think of, save for his continued relations with Israel which brought my blood to a boil and was enough for me to hate the guy. While I think it’s still too soon, I will say this to the people of Egypt: Alf mabrouk la ilkon and please, please don’t screw this up again! You’ve proven yourselves to be a great example for protest and revolution in the Middle East and it would be a crying shame if it all fell apart again, especially to those here in Lebanon, where the garbage really needs taking out. But please be sure to elect someone else into power like you did last time. The only thing I think Morsi had going for him is that he was elected into power. Granted, this part of the world isn’t the best place for elections, but still.

Y’all take care now.



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