This was inspired by a hike I went on this Sunday. The title refers to the highest point in Lebanon, 3,088 m. Enjoy!

High above the earth lies a world all its own:
a cold, rugged land
where man and nature lock horns
in their ongoing battle for supremacy.

The omnipresent, merciless sun
stares down at man’s efforts with a mixture of amusement an scorn,
marvelling at the pitiful creature’s toil and tribulation,
as they attempt to claim victory over its steadfast progeny.

But it is on these savage, unforgiving hills,
that through these trials man proves itself
as formidable a force as its himalayan opponent.

Atop the peaks man now stands,
staring at the clouds that now lie at its feet.
Having conquered the iron hills
and the sky once above,
man continues its trek further into the beyond-

eager to tackle whatever may lie ahead
on its perennial quest.


About optimistthepessimist

Always in transit.
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