Change Keeps on Changing

There’s something to be said about Blind Melon’s “Change”. Other than the fact that it’s an incredible, feel-good, “pull-me-out-of-rock-bottom” tune, it’s quite unique in that it it’s one of those pieces of music in which the title completely applies to it-in more than one way.

The song is itself a shift in perspective: from its somber, timid, pessimistic exposure; through the determined and riled-up development; and until it finally comes full circle and ends the same way it began-this time relieved-“Change” is an emotional journey that will take you from the depths up to the peaks in about four minutes, regardless of the circumstances that got you down there in the first place. This song got me through some tough times, and something tells me that’s not gonna end any time soon-as does (unfortunately) deceased vocalist Shannon Hoon time and time again. Of course, that’s just one aspect of how the song fits the title.

The second reason for this late-night letterfest is a tad bit (read: a lot) more obvious and widespread: live performances. Of course, every band mixes it up when they take the stage, but even though they may speed a song up or slow it down; whether or not they play it differently, something always remains consistent. “Change”, to me, has the (bizarre) honor of being one of those pieces that sounds different every time it’s played live-whether it’s Shannon Hoon’s forgetfulness (notice how he messes up the lyrics and improvises at times), or the drastic and very noticable change in tempo and feel. Like I said, (almost) every band I know of does this, but for some reason this song just sounds new every time I watch a live performance of it.

Now, I would gladly link y’all to performances of this song as evidence, but as it’s 3:04 AM and I thus can’t be assed to post all the links, I hereby invite you, my beloved audience to a Youtube scavenger party, where the prize is intense aural pleasure and emotional stability, all wrapped up in 90’s packaging. Hopefully my late-night prattle on music will have made some sense, and a final word to my fellow music nerds: I am aware of my incorrect use of sonata form terms, but it’s 3:23 now, so cut me some slack.

Y’all take care now

R.I.P. Shannon Hoon Here’s a performance on the Late Show just to give you an idea


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