Still Looking for Life on Mars? How About Starting Here?

Everyday we learn something new. Oftentimes this new information challenges pre-existing conceptions and misconceptions, and will often leave you with your head spinning and your fist to the air asking the world, “Why?” The theory that life on Earth may have originally come from Mars is one of those things.

You see, it all began-or so scientists believe-with this element called molybdenium that’s only available on Mars. The story goes that an oxidized form of molybdenium (or Molly-B, for the sake of convenience) was likely carried to our blue planet-then a ball of water that lacked oxygen-by a meteor that also likely contained oxygen and boron-the latter also influencing how life develops, which have recently been found on our dusty red neighbor. Add to that formula the question of RNA and you’ve got yourself what might be the most interesting thing in modern science since the Higgs-Boson.

Once again we face another challenge to our humanity and our pre-existing ideas of it, as well as the notion that this planet isn’t really ours. Something tells me that many people reading this or other articles on the matter will either take to viciously denying it and calling those with and behind the theory “heathens” and “demons”, or will begin a lengthy period of soul-searching a-la Descartes in a tiny room with nothing but a stove to provide them company.
On the plus side, this could teach us an extra thing or two about evolution that we had no idea previously existed, and we could learn even more about our enigmatic crimson neighbor whom we plan to further explore and eventually colonize soon. Perhaps this would shed further light on both planets, and maybe more.

There you have it, folks. Yet another world-shattering revelation (still to be confirmed) that will either leave you in an intellectual shambles or motivate you to look deeper into things. Hopefully you’ll take the latter path, and hopefully you’ll take this news with a grain of salt since it is, after all, a theory and not concrete.

Y’all take care now



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