Off to War Once More

It’s been three years since we had a release from Dutch Death Metal veterans Hail of Bullets, but now the time for the release of their latest opus is nigh-this time the ensemble shift their focus to the arid killing fields of North Africa with the aptly titled III The Rommel Chronicles. From what’s been revealed so far the album will deal with-you guessed it-the exploits, triumphs, and defeat (as well as demise) of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, leader of the Afrika Korps and better known by his moniker “the Desert Fox” for his strategic prowess during the North African campaign of World War 2 (at least until British Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery showed up).

The first single, “Pour la Merite” acts as the opening salvo for the album, and it’s certainly one of the faster tracks they’ve recorded since “Kamikaze” from 2010’s On Divine Winds. While I’m not going to harbor any expectations at all despite this band’s very, very solid service record, I think it’s still safe to say that The Rommel Chronicles will be one of the year’s heaviest and most intense releases. Until its release date of October 25th,

Y’all take care now “Pour la Merite” Track listing and other info via Encyclopedia Metallum


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