Tempest’s Return

Legions of grey clouds rise
brazenly to announce their presence
and to cast down the sun from its throne.

Curtains of rainfall descend upon parched earth like arrows,
quenching its thirst-a prelude to the youthful and tranquil
spirit that gently flutters to the ground 
and signals the end of one cycle and the renewal of another.

The skies, a bitterly contested throne,
change hands once more
as the third sister rises to claim her prize;
her baleful banners now adorning the throne room.

Fall, with her tempest wrath, has again returned
to rule over the elements as a merciless yet ambivalent despot-
her alter ego, Autumn, also rules as her fair sister
Spring has before, and will once again.

But this victory is, as always, fleeting,
as the tempest queen
can only await with trepidation
the return of her sister:


About optimistthepessimist

Always in transit.
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