Album Review: Motorhead-Aftershock (2013)

Image source: Encyclopedia Metallum

Motorhead is a band that gets straight to the point and has been delivering their signature knockout-punch brand of rock and roll since the 1970’s. Their virtually non-stop touring, along with their latest studio release, Aftershock, shows that there’s no sign of them slowing down any time soon (especially after frontman Lemmy’s surprising incapacitation that caused him to cancel several tour dates this summer).

It’s tough to say for sure what’s going on in the album’s artwork, aside from the obvious of mascot Snagglepuss hovering over what appears to be a warzone looking beaten and battered but meaner than ever. It could be a reference to Lemmy’s health scare and subsequent recovery, or just a reference to the band’s age (38 years old, or rather young) and “f*** you, we are here to rock!” attitude. In any case, it pretty much fits the music and sets the mood for the aural onslaught that is Aftershock.

The music is what you would normally expect from a Motorhead album: fast, filthy, heavy, and loud. What I think makes this album stand out is the addition of two slower pieces: the oh-so bluesy “Lost Woman Blues” and the intermission-like “Dust and Glass”, and they do a good job at showing us something I call consistent versatility-stepping outside of the box and doing something new while sticking to their roots. As for the tracks themselves, you’d be foolish to tire of them quickly. The only problem I have with the songs is that I felt they weren’t long enough at times, even though their quality more than made up for it. A combination of their tried and true formula of rock-hard (no pun intended) party music and excellent production (more bass, son!), Aftershock will leave you flattened and spinning the record over and over again.

Final thoughts: If you haven’t listened to this album, then get on it right now. No more need be said. It should be mentioned that the first day I listened to Aftershock I did so four times in one day, something I’ve done with no other album, so yeah, it is that good. Also, if you’re looking for good workout music, ditch playlist and pump some steel to this.

Final Score: 9.9/10

Y’all take care now.

Personal favorites: Going to Mexico, Do You Believe, Dust and Glass, End of Time, Coup de Grace, Keep Your Powder Dry


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