This is my first foray into writing science fiction and by far the longest poem I’ve written to date. Inspired by the music of Vektor and other pieces of science fiction. Enjoy!

Shadows cast by the stars
loom over the remains
of a dead, sunless world.

Its cities, once aglow
and teeming with activity and labor,
now serve as graveyards
for the crumbling, dust-ridden ruins
once home to countless, faceless thousands.

Dead as it may be now, this world
was never truly alive:
its inhabitants were but faceless, single-minded
servitors who knew only construction
and disassembly in all their forms.

The world also played host
to another race of beings:
greedy architects of “life” and
“civilization”, who sought dominion over
the universe,
and moreover, one another.

The day finally came
when the suspicions of the planets’ overlords
reached their peaks, and each
amassed their own army of sinister machines
as to destroy one another and claim the throne.

But all hell came to pass,
and the still-born orb was reduced to a charred carcass;
all life extinguished in a storm of fire and dust.

Now all that move on this desolate husk
are the remnants of the machine armies of eons past-
sentient and cunning; furtively plotting their escape
that they may make carcasses of other worlds,
and reduce whole solar systems to graveyards.


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