Plug DJ: Good, New Music Fast

Everyone hits a brick wall at some point in their lives. One such wall that most take lightly is the need for new music. As a an ardent lover of music, I feel like my life begins to stagnate when I get tired of the music I’m listening to. These days my choice in music is significantly less rigid than it was in the past, but it’s been getting quite repetitive. But just like when researchers hit a brick wall in terms of getting balanced and unbiased data, random sampling (“sampling” having another definition in this sense) is usually the answer.

I’ve been involved in music communities before, mostly the odd metal forum now and again that I used to frequent back in high school. But the problem with those was that the forums were usually small-at least in terms of active members-and people were usually suggesting the same type of thing over and over again (not to mention the drama that plagued said forums). It was through the forums that I discovered It’s an otherwise good website for sharing music and meeting like-minded people (more on that in a bit) that works by making you “scrobble” what you’re currently listening to-it checks the track for a few seconds and then shares it online for all in your network to see. Sounds pretty cool, but at some point it felt like I was turning a favorite hobby of mine into a competition, with trying to get this band listened to more than that band (Nevermore had the most listens on my list); not to mention the recommendations they gave me were bands that I pretty much already knew.

Fast forward to last night: I’m talking with a friend of mine that I met on (and then, by pure coincidence, in real life at a concert) and he suddenly suggests this website, It’s my second day on it and I’m actually enjoying it. It works like this: you assemble your own playlist like most other sites, but you get to share it in one of the website’s many communities for certain genres. Each “DJ” gets a turn when they join the waiting list, with one track from each’s playlist being played on each turn. The music is usually imported via Youtube, but there’s also a Soundcloud option available. Unfortunately, the Youtube player provided doesn’t have a pause option, and with an internet connection as terrible as mine, this serves as an impediment. Then again, there’s a countdown timer on the top-right for each track since every person has a turn. There’s a chat function that allows you to speak with anyone available, and so far the community’s pretty cool and laid-back. Another perk of the site: you take an a rather cute avatar upon registration, and when you like a track (in the form of “woot!”), your avatar starts to dance. It’s a pretty neat and interesting feature in an internet where stagnant images are pretty much the norm.

If you’re ever in a rut and don’t know what to listen to, just check out and have a gander at what the community has to offer. So far I’m impressed with everyone’s taste in music and like the vibe of the community. So check out when you have the time, and if you’re into metal be sure to drop by The Bone Garden. That’s where I’ll be lurking and spinning tracks for your enjoyment.

Y’all take care now


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