Triumph or Stalemate? Grand Magus’s “Triumph and Power”

Grand Magus is a band that never gets old and can be enjoyed at any time you decide to listen to them-whether it’s at a gig, on a long solitary walk around town, or in the office to get through the day. While I felt that their most recent album, 2012’s The Hunt, had its share of shortcomings, it remains an excellent piece of musical artistry and a staple of their discography. The period of time between the end of this month and the beginning of February will witness the release of The Hunt‘s follow-up, Triumph and Power-a title, I feel, serves as a summary of everything they’ve put out since 2008’s Iron Will. As is usually the case with bands all across the board, ‘Magus has released a single to tease fans worldwide with a (passable at best, minimum) internet connection with the album’s first single, the title track.

The song Triumph and Power starts out with ‘Magus’s trademark heavy riffing; it’s a mid-tempo opus composed with the 80’s in mind in terms of melody and straightforwardness. On a lyrical level, it deals with (surprise, surprise) themes of victory and struggle (but I bet you already saw that coming). Contrary to what I was expecting, the guitar solo was not a play on the main melody but rather a straight-up kickass solo, what the previous album needed more of. What sets this song apart from everything else that I’ve heard of theirs is that towards the end it shifts suddenly up a step in terms of tonality; in technical terms, it modulates (from B-flat minor to C-sharp minor, a whole step up). It was very a surprising touch and got me wondering about other surprises that the album might hold.

Of course, as I am wont to say, this is just the first look at the album and nothing is final just yet. All I can conclude from this release is that it’s going to play out as other albums have before and should be something more than just enjoyable. Until the album drops (officially or unofficially, pirates), get yourselves acquainted with what’s to come with the album’s title track (link found below).

Y’all take care now

Triumph and Power lyric video


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