Dead Ends and Questions

Many (I use “many” loosely) of you are probably wondering why I haven’t posted anything in a while. That’s I question I’ve been asking myself as well; after all keeping this blog going for as long as it did is an accomplishment on my part, as previous attempts usually ended after a couple of months. The reasons I’ve been able to record include my desire to avoid repeating myself on certain topics (Lebanon, mostly) and an overall lack of inspiration and a clear idea of what to share with the blog’s viewers. This isn’t to say I haven’t been writing at all-I have some sketches saved on my computer that I’m thinking of sharing sooner or later. But subtle teasers aside, I’m gonna write some more about, you guessed it, writing itself (seeing as it’s the easiest thing to write about, ironically enough).

Not that I’m a representative sample of writers (and bloggers, of course) across time and around the world, but I would say that I’ve shared more or less in the same triumphs and setbacks that all of them have experienced. Contrary to popular belief, writers and artists as a whole are not machines designed and programmed to consistently pump out opus after opus as if such were as necessary as breathing. We’re all and only human: we feel the blues and get caught wandering in valleys of confusion after wandering off the paths of inspiration. At times we feel like the direction we’re heading in just isn’t working out for us and thus feel unsure of what to do next. This, as you can no doubt tell, leads to a lack of output and thus leads to shrinking audiences and griping artists-who blame the world and rattle on about  people not getting their work or being receptive enough. I’ve nearly fallen into that trap several times were it not for a new-found (we’re talking from about two or three years) ability of self-evaluation and critique. I guess that counts as a small (maybe first) step in my renewed exploration of writing and all the things I can do with it.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get past the ever-present roadblocks that are frustration and inconsistency. Besides the obvious responses of “read more” and “expose yourself to things that inspire you”-which I already do and aren’t much of a problem anymore-I still have a hard time being able to keep posting consistently on this blog, not to mention finding a suitable theme for it. On that note, I was seriously considering splitting this blog into a group of sub-blogs-each covering a specific topic-earlier this year, but fortunately that was canned in favor of keeping this blog going. Unfortunately, however, that didn’t curb the preexisting problems of inconsistency and a lack of unified theme. For that, ladies and gentlemen, I need some help.

I ask those of you reading to provide suggestions for how to improve this blog and take it further-whether in the comments section of the blog or on the Facebook page. Your help would be greatly appreciated in keeping Bits and Pieces going, and it’d be great to get input from all sorts of directions. ‘Til then,

Y’all take care now


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