A Mothers’ Day and Smartphone-Related Short Story

Here’s another short story I wrote on the fly. Feedback welcome as always. Enjoy!

Ping! Ping! Ping! The phone rang three times before Collin set his iron upright to check it. He pulled it out of his pocket and briefly glanced at the screen before throwing it on to his bed.
“Idiots,” he sighed as he continued his task. He couldn’t tell if it was because of the steam or if it was the act of pressing out folds and creases, but he genuinely enjoyed ironing shirts- something he once thought impossible and tedious. He had just about finished with the back of the shirt when the phone rang again. Collin let out an irritated growl as he walked over to the bed to check it.
More pointless, inane notifications occupied its screen: social media, emails he would never bothered reading, messages he didn’t feel checking or replying to; all nagged him to answer them and subsequently waste his time in the vortex that was social media.
May as well see what all the commotion’s about. He thought.
He punched in his passcode and proceeded to check the latest and not-so-greatest in updates on his social network. He was instantly bombarded with a torrent of sappy Mothers’ Day posts and pictures that made him cringe and scratch his head in bewilderment.
“What’s the fucking point of all this?” He groaned. “Why not just take her out to lunch or give her a call or something? When did Mothers’ Day become a pissing contest?” He closed the application and dialed his mother to make sure dinner was still on.
“They’re shouting to out everyone but their mothe-Hey, mom! We still good for eight?”
“Yes, Collin, and don’t forget to get your sister,” his mother answered.
“Alright, I won’t! See you then, bye.” He hung up and tossed the phone back on to his bed.
“At least I’ll try not to forget,” he said with a wry smile as he continued ironing his shirt. He had just finished pressing his collar when the phone buzzed with more pointless news.
“Fucking GOD!” He shouted as he threw the phone underneath his mattress.

Happy Mothers’ Day


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