The Albatross

This is an old poem I had lying around. I wrote this while I.
was returning to Lebanon from a trip to Turkey about a year ago to the date (Fun fact: that trip was the first time in seven years that I’d traveled). Enjoy!

The albatross glides over ghostly, amorphous masses,
spreading its wings to embrace the sun.

The ground below him is no longer tangible,
but ridged and grooved

like the mountains that stand proudly above it.

The sea above the great bird,
vast and endless,
freezes more and more with height.

But the beast’s heart, ablaze with pride and purpose,
negates the chill and carries it onward.

Ahead of the albatross lies no discernible road;

like a river the bird’s path flows-
flowing from pristine currents
back to the grimy banks of its domain.

It matters not to the albatross where it goes now,
for home lies beyond the horizon.

Though exhausted from its journey,
the albatross waits, with with trepidation,
eagerly for its next foray into the unknown.


About optimistthepessimist

Always in transit.
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