The Island

No, this is not related to the 2005 movie of the same name. Like my previous poem, The Albatross, I wrote this while travelling back to Lebanon last year, but was hesitant to publish it for some reason or the other. Anyway, enjoy!

I have departed the island of stagnant seas
for the tempestuous shores that I call home.

Long has my journey been to this place of absurdities,
where illusions become reality
and man becomes a stranger in his own home;

where oppression is the norm
and demons and butchers hide in plain sight for all to see.

All are suspect and no one is safe;
Lies are sown to protect the towers of illusions
their masters have striven to erect.

Those whose eyes have been tainted by the truth
are able to see through the tears in the fabric.

But at the slightest whisper their mouths are sewn shut,
their voices reduced to muffled screams further suppressed by iron doors forever sealed.

Like my land of weathered crests and rolling brine,
this island’s history is watered with the blood of its denizens-
nourishing the seeds of greed and corruption to grow into a rose most specious:

beautiful and enthralling to those foreign and naive,
but sinister and venomous to those who would dare to take a further look.


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