Her Song

She craves for the touch of flesh,
for without it she cannot sing.

Whether she is gently stroked or
frantically beaten it matters not-

either way, she sings.

Her voice resonates richly and radiantly,
captivating minds and inspiring fantasies-
breeding dreamers whose thoughts run wild with only her in mind,

and in those dreams she sings.

She builds abodes for the troubled to flock to
and lays their worries to rest.
Many a friendship has she built,
unlikely as many may have been;

a task accomplished only with her singing.

For ages she has reached countless ears,
though many have not been quick to appreciate her tune:
long has it been demonized and shunned
by those who fail to understand it,
and long has it been corrupted by charlatans in failed attempts to reproduce it.

“An instrument of debauchery and intellectual decay,” some call her,
while others view her as a means for material gain.

But long has she endured the onslaught
of cheap impersonations and venomous censure.

Undaunted, she continues to sing-
continuing to rouse legions forward into the infinite,
altering her song with the passage of time
yet remaining ever faithful to her song.


About optimistthepessimist

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One Response to Her Song

  1. clydeaidoo says:

    Those that inspire also need inspiration, and it comes in many forms. And the reception to those who sing will always vary from person to person, but the artist must evolve, while remaining stubborn in maintaining her own song. I also found this piece to carry a lot of rhythm although completely free verse…a testament to the rhythm of a naturally inspired song.

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