One Year Later

I started this blog exactly a year ago when I was taking the only creative writing class of my life thus far. I started this blog with the chief aims of becoming a better writer and breaking out of my comfort zone a bit.

Now, let’s be honest: no matter how good you are at something there’s always something more to improve. While my writing did improve (as all things are supposed to with enough practice) I managed to accomplish a goal I didn’t even think I ever would, and that was reaching out to a wider audience than expected.

This is very humbling and very important to me for a number of reasons:
1) As an artist (or “artist”, whatever sounds better) I tend to be quite critical of my work, constantly referring to it as garbage that nobody would every want to have a look at. Writing on this blog has really shown me that somewhere in the world there’s always someone who’s going to appreciate your work and show you that they did.
2) As all of you who’ve kept up with this blog can tell, I’m a pretty inconsistent character -I don’t really stay latched on to things for consecutive periods of time (would you believe me if I told you that I’d been playing the guitar for almost nine years but sound like I’ve been playing for a few months?). But despite the gaps in which i didn’t post anything here, it still surprises me that I’ve kept Bits and Pieces going for this long. Maybe I oughtta take a leaf out of my own book and learn how to keep myself focused on other important things.
3) I’ve managed to reach out to people from all over the world through this blog, even to people in places I never expected. I may not have the same impact as great musicians like Daniel Barenboim or Orphaned Land where bridging gaps are concerned, but I guess it’s still something.

I guess there’s a lesson in there for me to be learned, but it’s quite obvious to anybody who can read so I won’t spend any more time on it. With all that said, I’d like to thank each and every one of you who’s read and enjoyed the posts I’ve made on Bits and Pieces over this very brief period of time. Rest assured: it’s nowhere near over for me or this blog.

Y’all take care now.


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