We Will Never Truly Know Him

We will never truly know him,
that man with the cigar-

whose weathered complexion
and brilliant, haggard eyes pierce through you
and weave stories that resonate within,

but tell you little of the man behind them.

We will never truly know
the man behind the beard,

whose coarse wit, carried by a raspy falsetto,
betrays a benign, vivacious, and giving spirit,
that alas has been battered and abused by legions
of fiends and their memories.

We will never truly know
of what he had always wanted to say-

those words and the notes that carried them,
sentenced to burn
for the crime of inadequacy and falling short
of the glory that their master expected of them.

But what little we have heard, read, and seen
of this enigma
we must be thankful for,

for it shows that such giants are at their core human,
and that even the bitterest of misanthropes
are capable of capturing the very best of our human nature.

Happy birthday, Johannes Brahms


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