If I Were a Lebanese Sunni

In times like these empathy is needed

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

For a country that prides itself with its religious diversity, branding it as a tourism slogan and all the cliche that comes with it, we sure are extremely ignorant when it comes to those who don’t belong to the sect we were born in.

I’ve been wondering lately about how it must be to a Lebanese Sunni in Lebanon today, to be a person who has to constantly wonder whether the person facing you is secretly wondering whether you are an ISIS member in disguise or whether your mother is sympathetic with the terrorists in Arsal or whether your entire existence is directed at implanting the Islamic State in our land.

I’ve been realizing, upon pondering over the issue, that if I were a Lebanese Sunni today, I’d be angry.

Army Hate:

Somehow it is assumed that being a Sunni automatically means army hate and support of the murder or…

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