Rabieh looked out of his window and was greeted with an island that overflowed with towers. He wondered how it had managed to stay afloat for so long, and how it had once been a still and primordial paradise, a far cry from its current state.
Another island, diminutive in size, neighbored its larger cousin, its only noticeable feature a proud statue of green that gave its silent greeting to its home’s visitors as it had countless times before.

The man next to him was fast asleep, unconcerned with the marvel of civilization that lay below them; how many times had he been there himself?

Rabieh’s pulse quickened at the thought of finally standing among those massive spires, and strolling those wizened streets that head learned and endured much throughout the ages.

He smiled and gently closed his eyes as the plane began its descent. It was going to be a great trip.


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