Our time together was brief,
but it was as sweet as the music
that came with it.

In that cutthroat jungle where
chaos was law and culture was comatose and considered
pretentious, you alone conveyed its compassion
with such conviction and warmth-

something lost upon the beasts that shared our home.

Though they howled and jeered you kept on
steadfastly; their insolence insignificant
and of little consequence.

Like he whose heart ached for the home
that now hosts it,
your love for yours never wavered,
and now you finally return to its embrace,
never to leave it again.

From this quintet the final chords
to bid you farewell resonate,
welcoming the final cadence,
and welcoming you to the
realm of absent friends.

While these words may never reach your eyes,
I hope that there is a place
in the after that they will instead reach your ears-
not as the dirge that ushers the end
but lively and grateful,
as sweet as the music you blessed me with.

Rest in peace, Professor Azoury

About optimistthepessimist

Always in transit.
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