Freedom of Speech

With all the controversy and morass that the attack on Charlie Hebdo has generated I figured I’d offer my two cents on that and freedom of speech in general in my own special way.


Let us misconstrue the facts,
abuse the situation,
and leap into this orgy of libel, violence, and confusion.

Let us give cunnilingus with forked tongues,
and shun those who can’t
endure our sadistic take on intercourse.
Sure, they need to just grow,
but if they can’t enjoy it then they can
always go somewhere else for a wank or a fuck.

Yes, we’re right to shed light
on disaster and make sure the story gets heard,
and we are right to say what needs to be said,

but when the mob is teeming with fools
then chaos and ignorance rule.

Reverence and integrity become
relegated to mere words, but hey!
As long as we get to say what we want-

even if at the expense of some.

Where do we draw the line?
Do we draw one at all?
How and when are we to know
that a slip of the tongue made us drop the ball?

How hideous should the music be
for us to know that we played ourselves
and our most beloved treasure,
freedom of speech?


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