Some People

There’s a special kind of feeling I have
for people who drop their phones in the toilet.

It varies between scorn and pity, like they’re asking for ridicule but
are somehow absolved of blame: a modern day catch-22 if there ever were one.

No, this isn’t as great a conundrum as the thin line
between saying what one wants and going too far,
but it’s every bit as relevant.

Many would say that it highlights its own thin line:
the line that lies between human stupidity and sheer clumsiness;

one could even slice that pie into two more sections
and include laziness and dependence on technology
as part of humanity’s latest foray into morbid dietary trends.

Whatever the case may be, it still makes for a good laugh,
so long as you’re not the one dropping more than you need to.


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3 Responses to Some People

  1. Asariels Muse says:

    I always have to suppress the giggle when someone tells me they dropped the phone in the toilet. Are we really so attached that we can’t even wait till we finish?

  2. Asariels Muse says:

    Won’t happen to me, I don’t chat & pee at the same time, not my thang

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