A lot of what I’ve been reading on the Lebanese blogosphere lately concerns the country’s rather shoddy state, downtown Beirut’s becoming a ghost town, and other grievances native to our little corner of the world.
While I’ve written about Lebanon before, it’s something I’ll keep coming back to and will never abandon, so here’s something I’ve just written about my favorite city. Enjoy!


What will I come back to
if I should ever return?

A renewed sense of ego
or a renewed sense of vigor that burns
like a mighty lighthouse,

inviting the adventurous
and audacious of heart?

Or will you callously burn away all
that made venerable your name,
O greatest and most beloved
of hosts and muses?

I once reveled in your embrace
and yearned for it even when I tired of you,

and it is said that the heart
grows cold and indifferent with distance.
But for a year

mine has grown sick and cancerous with my memories of you,
and dreams of returning to your brilliant and maniacal fold.

You’ve given me a thousand reasons to miss you.
Don’t give me one reason to never return.


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Always in transit.
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