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Something seems to have changed in the stress I feel this past year. It’s not the violent, volcanic sensation I’ve known my whole life. It feels more sinister: slow-burning, with serpentine fuse, and patiently awaiting ignition. It knows that in … Continue reading

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Here I sit plucking away at my bass, eyes heavy with focus and exhaustion. Reverence guides my fingers across the fretboard as they wander through the maze of murals and their variations. For all of its nourishment and influence, I … Continue reading

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A lot of what I’ve been reading on the Lebanese blogosphere lately concerns the country’s rather shoddy state,¬†downtown Beirut’s becoming a ghost town, and other grievances native to our little corner of the world. While I’ve written about Lebanon before, … Continue reading

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Veteran’s/Armistice Day Double-Feature

Today marks Veteran’s Day here in the U.S., but it also coincides with Armistice Day, otherwise known as the official end of World War 1. Here’s my tribute to both occasions. Never Again¬†(Four Years) “Never again,” said the kings-the fiends … Continue reading

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When the sun drowns itself none will be there to save it. None will be able to stop its lungs from bloating, nor allow it the mercy of crying for help. Weeping in solitude, it is the last to depart-mourning … Continue reading

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Like whales and owls they fly and collide, unleashing the wrath of an antediluvian beast lain dormant. They dive into a sea of hands, eagerly riding the waves to thunderous shores only to return and surf once more. A city … Continue reading

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The Dome

The dome on the hill stands forlorn and vigilant, yearning for the days in which its halls echoed with wisdom. The stars beneath its reach-once brilliant and vivid-are but dulled husks of their former selves, dimly flickering with nostalgia. No … Continue reading

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