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The Obama Biopic is Finally Upon Us…And None Too Soon!

I was lurking on Reddit, as is my custom when there’s nothing else to do, when I stumbled upon this little piece of work: Behold, Steven Spielberg’s “Obama”, starring Daniel Day Lewis as the current POTUS alongside comedy legend … Continue reading

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Instabeat: Help Hind Hobeika Change Swimming Forever

For all you swimmers out there, our favorite past-time is about to get easier

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Bits and Pieces-A Short Story

Here’s another one of my works for my creative writing class I wrote a while back, and is basically what served as the inspiration for this blog. Enjoy! “Jesus, would you look at this place?” I panted as the three … Continue reading

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Give us our language back!

Originally posted on RawLangs:
I find it difficult to describe the true level of horror and dismay that I felt when I came across a news article about a recent proposal to make English the sole official language of the European…

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So What Else Happened in 1915?

Today (or yesterday, rather) marks the (ever-so morbid) 98th anniversary of the 1915 Armenian Genocide carried out by elements of the Ottoman military, in which millions were slaughtered on a long and merciless march that stretched from the eastern part … Continue reading

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Are some languages easier than others?

Originally posted on BRAIN'S IDEA:
‘Long time no see’ is something I heard repeatedly in Britain even though it totally violates all the English grammar I learned at school. Clearly, Brits should correct this expression originating from Chinese Pidgin…

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Farea Al-Muslimi testifyies before the Senate Committee on the issue of Drone Strikes in Yemen

Farea Al-Muslimi was one of my fellow students here at AUB. He’s a very intelligent fellow, and despite the language barrier we’d encountered several times in our discussions, I learned quite a bit about how things went on here in … Continue reading

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Knowledge is Power….and It’ll cost ya

While taking a break at the office today I happened an article on my Facebook newsfeed that made my heart skip a beat: the prices for university textbooks in the U.S. are increasing than other costs such as healthcare, housing, … Continue reading

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Smoke…Meds Erryday?

We’ve all heard of doctors and other medical personnel sneaking into hospital stores to clandestinely score morphine. Honestly, part of me doesn’t blame them: being in their line of work is surely enough to make you old, and sometimes you … Continue reading

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Album Review: Grand Magus-The Hunt

Very few musical outfits these days are capable of maintaining a consistent formula while always bringing something new to the table, most of whom from my experience are in the extreme metal realm. A few examples of such ensembles include … Continue reading

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