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A lot of what I’ve been reading on the Lebanese blogosphere lately concerns the country’s rather shoddy state, downtown Beirut’s becoming a ghost town, and other grievances native to our little corner of the world. While I’ve written about Lebanon before, … Continue reading

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Why I took my Children to Palestine: Raising Ethical Jewish Children in the Age of the Zionist Empire

Originally posted on "And you shall teach this to your children":
Many Jewish families take their children to Israel to strengthen their children’s Jewish identities. I, as a Jewish mother, instead took my children to Palestine. Rather than…

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40 brilliant idioms that simply can’t be translated literally

Originally posted on TED Blog:
What does it mean to “have tomatoes on your eyes?” Find out below… By Helene Batt and Kate Torgovnick May It’s a piece of cake. You can’t put lipstick on a pig. Why add fuel to…

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The thing about mistakes is that they immediately show up as red flags on our radar, prompting us to mercilessly berate and verbally flay the offender. The most frequent culprits of this are those with substantial intellects, or at least … Continue reading

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5 Issues More Important Than Miss Lebanon’s Selfie With Miss Israel

Originally posted on A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares:
Ladies and gentlemen, as another week rolls by, we have another scandal about which you will probably be talking for the next seven days. Sally Jreij, our lovely…

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Some People

There’s a special kind of feeling I have for people who drop their phones in the toilet. It varies between scorn and pity, like they’re asking for ridicule but are somehow absolved of blame: a modern day catch-22 if there … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech

With all the controversy and morass that the attack on Charlie Hebdo has generated I figured I’d offer my two cents on that and freedom of speech in general in my own special way. ————————— Let us misconstrue the facts, … Continue reading

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