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I don’t need to tell any of you about recent events. Everybody else and their grandmother already have, and with the age of the internet there’s no shortage of hatred, vitriol or paranoia that makes you think that the digital … Continue reading

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A lot of what I’ve been reading on the Lebanese blogosphere lately concerns the country’s rather shoddy state,¬†downtown Beirut’s becoming a ghost town, and other grievances native to our little corner of the world. While I’ve written about Lebanon before, … Continue reading

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Our time together was brief, but it was as sweet as the music that came with it. In that cutthroat jungle¬†where chaos was law and culture was comatose and considered pretentious, you alone conveyed its compassion with such conviction and … Continue reading

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The Dome

The dome on the hill stands forlorn and vigilant, yearning for the days in which its halls echoed with wisdom. The stars beneath its reach-once brilliant and vivid-are but dulled husks of their former selves, dimly flickering with nostalgia. No … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Experience

As I’ve mentioned on my Facebook page the upcoming short story is almost complete. However, a thought crossed my mind on the way home pertaining to something that’s been going on throughout my life that I’m sure many of you … Continue reading

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Homesick-A (Very) Short Story

Rabieh felt a mixture of yearning and jealousy as the people in the video-some of whom he knew- danced and laughed to Pharrell’s “Happy”. University students, old friends, children, and even manual laborers alike danced and clapped their hands with … Continue reading

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Gearing Up and In a Hurry? Just Consult Your Friendly Facebook Arms Dealer

Things have been going from bad to worse back home in Lebanon, or have been carrying on as normal, depending on how you look at things. Before leaving back to the U.S. I remember waking up several times to the … Continue reading

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