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Something seems to have changed in the stress I feel this past year. It’s not the violent, volcanic sensation I’ve known my whole life. It feels more sinister: slow-burning, with serpentine fuse, and patiently awaiting ignition. It knows that in … Continue reading

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Amy Conley

You don’t know my name, or the way that I look, but I somehow found your name in a book. Your number was on it, missing the code, just as you’d left it when you took for the road. I … Continue reading

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We chased the dying sun in hopes that we would follow, but all we found were ashes, dust and echoes. And we were forced to rebuild- to carry on and perpetuate this cycle of woe, decay and fear. We would … Continue reading

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A lot of what I’ve been reading on the Lebanese blogosphere lately concerns the country’s rather shoddy state, downtown Beirut’s becoming a ghost town, and other grievances native to our little corner of the world. While I’ve written about Lebanon before, … Continue reading

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Some People

There’s a special kind of feeling I have for people who drop their phones in the toilet. It varies between scorn and pity, like they’re asking for ridicule but are somehow absolved of blame: a modern day catch-22 if there … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech

With all the controversy and morass that the attack on Charlie Hebdo has generated I figured I’d offer my two cents on that and freedom of speech in general in my own special way. ————————— Let us misconstrue the facts, … Continue reading

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Next Step

You tire and you toil and you boil over a furnace of thought and desire, of ambitions and of dreams. You bleed into your work, pouring more and more of yourself into the product, and tear yourself to bits at … Continue reading

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