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Triumph or Stalemate? Grand Magus’s “Triumph and Power”

Grand Magus is a band that never gets old and can be enjoyed at any time you decide to listen to them-whether it’s at a gig, on a long solitary walk around town, or in the office to get through … Continue reading

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I need your help

I say give the man a hand. I’ve read some of his works and enjoyed them thoroughly. With a little help who knows what he can accomplish?

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Plug DJ: Good, New Music Fast

Everyone hits a brick wall at some point in their lives. One such wall that most take lightly is the need for new music. As a an ardent lover of music, I feel like my life begins to stagnate when … Continue reading

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3,000 Views (And an announcement)!

I’d like to start this post by announcing that this week Bits and Pieces has just 3,000 views! I find it fitting that this has come to pass over the course of nine months, and I think the lesson to … Continue reading

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Windshield Wipers Now, Who-Knows-What Next

Now that I’ve finished lamenting the failures of the human brain, it’s time now to move on and write about one of its many triumphs, starting with what might be the earliest of the year. Science fiction is synonymous with … Continue reading

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Where Once Dwelt Reason

A library in Tripoli, one of the oldest in the country, burnt down last night, taking with it 78,000 books, many of them rare. As someone who’s called libraries home ever since I was a kid, I couldn’t find anything … Continue reading

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New Year, Not-So-New Everything Else

Lebanon has a bad enough rep for its steadily worsening security security situation and rampant corruption, and these are just the twin peaks of the iceberg. Today’s (or rather, yesterday’s) attack on the southern Beirut suburb of Dahyeh could not … Continue reading

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