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NASA Works on Faster than Light Travel

    Like many others, I love space. The idea of literally reaching the stars has captivated me ever since I was young and I would do nigh-anything to achieve that dream. Unfortunately, there’s one little thing that stands between … Continue reading

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A Return to Isolation

It’s been a while since I shared any poetry. Here’s something I just wrote up. Feedback always welcome! I’ve returned now, back to the land I’m made to call home. It doesn’t feel like home, though, and never really did. … Continue reading

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Five Rules for Concealed Carry

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What to do About the Xbox One?

I love the Xbox. It’s a great, powerful gaming console that’s capable of not just delivering a face-meltingly awesome gaming experience but also a solid multimedia experience. This pretty much culminated with the Xbox 360, and despite my not experiencing … Continue reading

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University Professor Accused of Raping Student (?)

World-renowned author and professor of literature, Rashid al-Daif, stands accused of continuously raping one of his students over a period of four years. This began while he was 62 and she 19, the details of this (whatever could be mustered) … Continue reading

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Batman’s Looking Darker than Usual

So I just finished watching the trailer for the new Batman Game, “Arkham Origins”, and it’s f*cking sick. The visuals for this one were astounding to say the least, and the the story looks to be more and more interesting … Continue reading

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Now That All’s Said and Done, Now What?

So yesterday saw two interesting events unfold: my 21st birthday, and my last exam as an undergraduate. Fun was had with good company (even though I was sober throughout the day, despite me consuming a good amount of booze), and … Continue reading

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Noam Chomsky to Speak at AUB’s Graduate Commencement Cermemony

I nerdgasmed like crazy when I first heard the news that Noam f*cking Chomsky was coming back to Beirut (he came here three years ago but I missed out on the lecture), this time to speak at the graduate students’ … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to the Polymath?

I hate the modern education system; it flat-out f*cking sucks. Instead of facilitating learning, it just sorts people into careers suitable for them through process of elimination and academic bulimia (scarfing down load upon load of information only to regurgitate … Continue reading

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“Too Busy to Read”? The experience of others could benefit you more than you think

Almost anyone you’ll meet these days will tell you that they’re “too busy to read” (this even applies to academics) and that they’ll wing it when they’re put on the spot.  I for one think that this mentality is counter-productive … Continue reading

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