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NASA Works on Faster than Light Travel

    Like many others, I love space. The idea of literally reaching the stars has captivated me ever since I was young and I would do nigh-anything to achieve that dream. Unfortunately, there’s one little thing that stands between … Continue reading

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A Return to Isolation

It’s been a while since I shared any poetry. Here’s something I just wrote up. Feedback always welcome! I’ve returned now, back to the land I’m made to call home. It doesn’t feel like home, though, and never really did. … Continue reading

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Five Rules for Concealed Carry

Originally posted on Random Musings of an Eclectic Mind:
Five Rules for Concealed Carry I believe in the right of every law-abiding citizen to protect themselves, with a handgun if they should choose to.  Carrying a handgun brings with it…

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What to do About the Xbox One?

I love the Xbox. It’s a great, powerful gaming console that’s capable of not just delivering a face-meltingly awesome gaming experience but also a solid multimedia experience. This pretty much culminated with the Xbox 360, and despite my not experiencing … Continue reading

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University Professor Accused of Raping Student (?)

World-renowned author and professor of literature, Rashid al-Daif, stands accused of continuously raping one of his students over a period of four years. This began while he was 62 and she 19, the details of this (whatever could be mustered) … Continue reading

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Batman’s Looking Darker than Usual

So I just finished watching the trailer for the new Batman Game, “Arkham Origins”, and it’s f*cking sick. The visuals for this one were astounding to say the least, and the the story looks to be more and more interesting … Continue reading

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Now That All’s Said and Done, Now What?

So yesterday saw two interesting events unfold: my 21st birthday, and my last exam as an undergraduate. Fun was had with good company (even though I was sober throughout the day, despite me consuming a good amount of booze), and … Continue reading

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